Beach Cities Learning

Student-Centered Programs That Offer a Unique Approach to Education

Beach Cities Learning is a WASC-accredited school that focuses on building confidence, motivation, focus, and problem-solving skills.

We deliver student-centered programs that offer a unique approach to education and prepare students for academic success, while securing cost-effective savings for school districts. Beach Cities offers alternative placement for students struggling in the public education environment, appropriate special-education placement, educational and behavioral therapy, drop-out prevention, remediation and academic- credit recovery.


Desert Choice Schools

Private Therapeutic Special Education Day School for Students with Intensive Needs

DCS is a certified K–12 private day school approved by the Arizona Department of Education to provide specialeducation services for the following disability categories: autism (A), emotional disability (ED), mild intellectual disability (MIID), moderate intellectual disability (MOID), other health impaired (OHI), specific learning disability (SLD), and speech-language impairment (SLI)

Our programs enable students to succeed at school, home and in the community by building responsible decision-making skills, a genuine enthusiasm for learning, and a positive self-image. All of our classroom models can be implemented in a self-contained classroom directly in a public school setting–a “school-within-a-school”–or in a separate school specifically designed to meet the needs of our students.


Light Street Special Education Solutions

Experts in Flexible Solutions for Students with Special Needs

Light Street helps school succeed by providing comprehensive special-education programs and services.

Light Street Special Education Solutions partners with schools and families to improve the quality and efficiency of services provided to children with special needs. We are committed to providing an array of flexible solutions that are grounded in evidence-based practices and caring, collaborative support that help students progress toward their goals and ultimately succeed in life.


Learn It Academic Intervention

Title I Academic Intervention for Struggling Learners

Learn It, Academic Intervention is a leading provider of Title I programs for students attending private/non-public, public and charter schools nationwide.

Learn It creates ready-to-operate programs that meet federal requirements and promote student success. We customize and align each program to meet the unique needs of each school’s mission and vision. From our multiple curriculum to our technology options, Learn It creates fresh, practical programs that change the trajectory of every student we encounter.

Our online and in-person instructional programs are strategically designed to meet our top priority: helping all students make solid gains in their academic performance. Each program begins with a preliminary assessment that we use to drive individualized instruction and monitor progress. From start to finish, we assess and track performance closely—and adjust our instruction to support and challenge students as they learn and grow.